Falko Peschel’s Bildungsschule Harzberg, where young children decide how to use their time.


A Brave Young World

The work of the amazing Indian group, Concerned for Working Children.


Justto Mendes

A TED.x talk by the founder of Nuestra Escuela in Puerto Rico.


 An account of the government assault on Down Hills Primary School in Tottenham.

A song by Fascinating Aida


Sugata Mitra is the man who built a computer into a wall to see what use street children would make of it, and found that they learnt not only how to use the computer, but how to read and how to speak English and much more. This video is a TED talk in which he suggests a further development. 


This group of films shows young children at Falko Peschel's Bildungsschule Harzberg, talking, working and studying independently because that is what they have come to school to do. The films are in German, without subtitles.


Yaakov Hecht, the founder of the Democratic School in Hadera, gives a powerful visual demonstration of the catastrophe that is conventional education.


This is a brief but informative trailer for a film made by Jan Gabbert, a professional film-maker. The film was made mostly at the International Democratic Education Conference (IDEC) in Berlin in 2005. It is in English and German, with translations in subtitles.


Unschooling, this American film tells us, is a form of home-schooling based on the assumption that the child wants to learn, and the adult's responsibility is simply to provide what is needed to fulfil each individual child's interests. The certainty shown by the parents is inspiring.


This is a two-and-a-half minute trailer for a powerful American documentary film by Vicky Abeles about the way the desperate struggle for exam success destroys young people's lives


There are dozens of films about Sudbury Valley, but this seems a particularly good  one. It is only ten minutes or so, but gives  great deal of information in that time. Google Sudbury Valley, though, and you will get plenty more.


A trailer for Pretty Cool System, a film about the Democratic School of Hadera, made by members Krätzä, the German children’s rights group


Partly in German and Hebrew but mostly in English. Complete version Can be ordered from This email address is being protected from spambots. You need JavaScript enabled to view it. for ten euros


What happened when a residential street was closed to cars and the 
children came out to play.


Pédagogie Nomade was a democratically run school in Belgium that was closed by the government in 2011. This video, which shows the school in action, is in French.


A film of Sands School by former student Rosa Tyler Clark


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